Thursday, November 15, 2007

Longest Dream

We were trying to fly an aeroplane. Why? We had dreams. A soaring ambition. A wild whim. A dash of hysteria. Just for the moment - the fleeting adrenaline - we wanted to see if ordinary folk could do something, "extraordinary" (in a sense).

Oh it was a big plane. Did we build it? It seemed that the unique element of this whole adventure was that it could be easily owned, and had some manner of simplicity that we were capable of. It was probably a jumbo jet. A glorious beast. Something that if you look at it from where you are, who you are, you'll feel like a climber at the foot of Mt. Everest. Not because of its sublime nature, but because of the madness of doing something irrelevant and fun, for the fun of it, with the best group of people on this earth. They are people you share the future with. People who understand the instantaneous joy; an everlasting joy; a joy that disappeares forever in a blink of an eye. The trivial, the simple, the completely insignificant endeavours. Yet, moments that last an eternity - or moments we hope to last forever. Why? Because they are shared.

Anyway, this plane was not going to just sit on its big rubber ass. Planes were built with a purpose, just like our lives were built with a purpose. We shared the same that day, to soar. Before I knew it, the engines were rumbling and the plane started to move. The very idea of having our own floating island trembled within our grasps. The awesome ecstasy of disappearing into the clouds, and the anticipation on the ground. Not that I had never flown before, but this time, we were in control. Where were going? Who knew. Just to accomplish this feat, was all that mattered.

Like a bunch of mad scientists in a laboratory, we worked the untamed beast. "Lift! Lift! Lift!" our hearts cried. She started to move quicker and quicker. It still seemed pretty slow though. We had not a runway, and no idea where we were. It was way too slow, and the makeshift runway way too short. We couldn't get a proper one, for we made for unchartered airs. The shrill excitement! OH! But still, we lifted off. It happened too quick for there to be any moment of relief or respite. We had no time to think about our fortunes or otherwise. Our concentration was binding. Our focus unparallelled. The chaos was too much for me. One lifted, the other turned, and the other other levelled. What was going on? The plane could not fly properly.
We took a sharp shoot for the sky - an incredibly steep climb. She stalled, and flipped on her back. She could not fly straight. It was a like a wobbly roller coaster. "We need to make for altitude!" The ground was enticingly close. We continued in chaos, and could not fly the plane. She could not climb. We pulled hard. Still, she would not budge.

Did we crash? But we took off again. Again, somehow, we managed to find some plot of land. The throttle was thrust, and we were going. She was going fast, fast towards a bridge. That bridge stood in our path, adamant. Our runway was cut short. We sped towards obstruction and destruction. None had time to think, or move, or say anything. Our focus was cast. We lifted. The nose of the plane gently grazed the edge of the bridge. We were safe. Because we had to lift sharply, we were climbing way too steep. We lacked speed. Again the plane could not fly.

A third time it happened, and we forgot why we tried. Forgot why we fought, why we fly. Everything was but a blurr. A dream? Where did we come from? Where were we going? Still, I enjoyed every moment of my dance with the sub-conscious.

Did we crash? Our dreams were crushed. Time and tide, ebb and flow. All stood in our way. Still we remained strong. Questions ran through our head. Thoughts of doubt and frustration. Bitterness against misfortune, anger against less-than-perfect conditions. Things should have flown smoothly. This time we won't fail.

We will make for a proper runway. Gain enough speed, and lift off gently, till we were safe in the high clouds. It didn't seem too difficult. Each one was delegated control over different parts of steering. It was an unbeatable plan. Again we could taste the delight, share the wind with the clouds.

This time there were more, a crew perhaps. In a swing that could carry a few on each side. Others wanted to join in the adventure at sky. Derek was there. It made it more exciting. We relived the birth of our dream. The hope of touching the sky with unknown fate. Now, it mattered though. It mattered if we could not fly, for we might perish. We knew not where to go, and how we were getting there. We just wanted to fly, but were also frighteningly sobered. How did we survive the other time? Doubt raced into our minds yet again. What if our plan fails this time? We marched on for it seemed to make sense.

The plane? What happened to the carrier of our dreams? If we imagined hard enough, we could build one. The next step seemed to be finding the runway. We sat in that swing, and in the blink of an eye we were at Eunos MRT. And in another, by the beach. There she stood, our jumbo jet, along the shore, againt the setting sun. Its deep red glow, ran placidly along the sea. It gently embraced the hide of our plane, till she glowed gold. On this shore we stood sublimed. We forgot the next step. The sea wavered calmly, and the thin clouds danced round the sun. The sky called to us, it was alive.

Then, we were attacked by Mark and gang. Pirates? We were saddened. They came from the 5th seas. We overcame. I run out of breath, out of steam. What next is to steal our dream? This final thief, none can overcome. A pleasant awakening into reality, but what about our dreams? It steals into our mind and carries us off. The series of events, the overloaded chorus. We forgot.

There I laid, trying to remember, the lost dream. It didn't matter. I go without a fight. Reality.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tame the cat

The cat is a foe beyond measure of any galactic jurisdiction. The cat with its steel claws, self-impaled, retractable, and dagger-like, would wolverinize you. Beware I say again, of the cat. No pussy would belie his honour, that you must calm. This feline of felines, do not be mocked by its trickery and cunning. It steals upon you like clouds upon skies! AHH

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

River of Gold

I was walking by the old oak tree one day,
Past the young blueberry bush.
I took a peak out of the shade,
To where the soft strike of the golden sun laid.
Its warmth was inviting, it was hiding something.
So I took a peak, out of the shade.

I saw a gentle stream, glistening clear.
Its emerald shade, flared and glared.
In a flash it came, and in another it went.
It was so full of colour, and so alive.
I looked and looked, and couldn't stop looking.
Its crystal cloak, its glass of green.
So discreet, and so distinct.
It was so pure and clean,
That i happed with glee.

Then came, a striking blue,
So frail and light,
Like the tears of night.
It came and danced,
As a leaf in breeze.
Smoothly it twirled, then
Blue and green were one.
The royal waters, so majestic and full.
Yet, so small and still, along the sand.
I never saw sand so white, so fine, that diamonds hide.
It crouched below, beneath the flow,
Like precious stones, in a bowl.
What we see, is just a show.
What's important, is what's below.

I heard its call, the birds agreed.
The sound of music?
The fowl, she sings.
Her feet gently slid,
Along the marble floor.
Like quiet wind, through ivory flutes.

The river came, and the river went.
The sun it blazed, and it
The river it came,
And it stared.
Its bright gold -
I could not look.
Its colour so full, but
I could not look.
All I see, a crystal cover;
A radiant shell, elegant and good.
But I could not look.

The river it went,
Residing now, beneath the moist sand.
A hint of gold, a stint of white,
Sparingly it shined,
Its dulling hide.
I looked and looked, but could not find.
The river of jewel, and its diamond sons.

-Anonymous (Reliable sources suggest the great SPC of the 17th century)

Ah, indeed how refreshed one must be after drinking the waters of the "River of Gold". A timeless classic, I'm sure all would agree.
This poem speaks of serendipity, serenity, silence, sincerity and submission. Through the course of the entire "river", we see the casualness of nature - her everlasting elegance, how she comes and goes. Yet we feel the soothing waters embrace our feet; its gentle caress. We smile, still, at its perennial fate. After all, beauty once beheld, let it then be gone. And when she comes again, rejoice. Dwell not in sorrow when she has to leave. For in due season, again she will greet.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Hear the sound of the water
fall, roar,
And ring in my ear -
That is all i hear.

Its cape overflows the cup.
She trickles over and softly

Her violent caress torments me gently.
I smile and cry, to its untuned tune.
Her melody sings to me,
Another song.

Taste the skies and drink its leaves.
She cries asleep and whispers thunder.
She twists and turn, calm as seas.
Arise and see, her serenity.

I walk on needles end,
yet know not what to mend.
If you hold me and behold,
Your soul be lost,
in a heaven's smile.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

At long last

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all my readers for the previous entry.
It seemed that there was a little bit of a mix up in the editorial department. I wish to remind you all that quality is the name of our game. We take pride in our work, and would die for our dignity. After all, you deserve only the best.

Anyway, moving on to greater heights. This week's entry spells N-E-W, F-R-E-S-H and also W-H-E-W.

What holds the music in my ears?
I am but a dream,
In an endless eternity.
Shine your light and see,
The darkness play,
The dancers sway.
They move in circles,
O Monstrous seas.
See and see, but never seen.
Hear and hear, but never heard.
What carries the breath I breathe?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poetry rush

Divine high,
Gates shut.
Tempest's sail,
Clouds high.

Rhyme in ditch,
Flow in mud.
Built upon mountains,
seen and not touched.

Hidden behind clear veils,
Speaking behind walls.
Moving in shadows,
never found.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A dark and stormy night

Whispers of wind and toil;
soil deep and drenched,
so my soul tears,
and thus I lend to sleep.

Sleep - within winds so steep,
so sharp they bleed,
so dark i weep.
Never imagined, a sleep so eternal,
yet a sleep so wretched.

Witch, wind, weary wretch;
I fail and fall within my dream;
grasping winds in storms so dark,
all is bare,
and all is lost.